Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Team Profiles

Mom – Chief Navigator, PR Director, Traveling Secretary, Lead Logistics Worrier
Preferred Roadside Snack: Peanut Butter & Jelly
Preferred Music: Audio Book
Preferred Role: Backseat Sleeper
First Cross Country Trip: 1980, in Toyota Corolla with no AC
Favorite Accessory: Trail Umbrella
Trip Goal: Ride a horse without the horse sensing my absolute fear
Quote(s): “The meal only cost FiDollas and it was a Uuge portion!”

Scott – Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, Mobile IT Support Specialist, Comedy Director, Founder Stray Boots North Dakota
Preferred Roadside Snack: Dunkaroos
Preferred Music: High Tech Pocket Machinery
Preferred Role: Passive Aggressive-ist
First Cross Country Road Trip: Rookie
Favorite Accessory: Aleve, for physical weakness and hangovers
Trip Goal: Drink a local beer in each state
Quote(s): “Hakuna Matata”
“I’ll go where we go and drive when I’m told to but I’m not participating in any of the planning!”

Eric – Trip Historian, Chief of Reminiscence, Director of Obscure Site Visitation, Audio Tape Coordinator
Preferred Roadside Snack: Dairy Queen
Preferred Music: Mix Tapes
Preferred Role: Driver
First Cross Country Trip: 1980 in the womb, 2003 NJ to SF in 4 ½ days
Favorite Accessory: Leatherman
Trip Goal: Score National Park Patches
Quote(s): “Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road” –Walt Whitman

Dad – Executive VP of Optimism, State “Bagger”, National Park Fanatic, Member – Bull-Moose Party
Preferred Roadside Snack: Elk Burger
Preferred Music: Intermittent XM Radio
Preferred Role: Side of the Road Picture Taker
First Cross Country Trip: 1980, in Toyota Corolla with no AC
Favorite Accessory: A change of shoes
Trip Goal: Learn to use an ATM
Quote(s): “Isn’t this great?!”

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