Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 8: Baker Nevada to Reno

A bully good day from start to finish--full of contrasts. Imagine starting your day at 10,000 feet, hiking in Great Basin National Park and ending in the outdoor pool/hottub in Reno.

We took the scenic drive up to Mt. Wheeler, then hiked the Bristle Pinecone trail to see the trees that are the oldest on earth.

We bid a fond farewell to the Silver Jack and headed out to route 50-- the loneliest road in America, as proclaimed in Life magazine in 1986. It wasnt meant as a compliment, but Nevada tourism jumped on it and promotes the road with a passport book you get stamped at different locations and a CD, explaining the historical significance of various towns-- the route was the original pony express and overland stagecoach path.

Quite a contrast between the stark beauty of the Nev desert landscape (next services 86 miles read one sign) and the tacky glamour of Reno. We're staying at the Peppermill, which is over the top with red, blue and purple neon everywhere. Our room is luxurious and the bathroom bigger than some studio apts.

Got to sign off now--tired, but happy for Eric and I. Scott's night is just starting at the poker tables.
380 mile day

ps got an awesome text pix of Maureen and Teddy Roosevelt--not sure if she was at his birthplace in the 20's in Manhattan? See how we're converting people. Bully good!


  1. What a nice "ps", Gary we miss you. In case you don't know, I only post comments using a stage name. Again I feel I missed a day on the push for the coast. Smell the salt air! The car is due for an oil change soon. Keep on truckin'. Chuck

  2. Well Miss Daisy...are they driving you?
    Sounds like a fabulous time you are having...

  3. oh man, i just realized i'm not as computer literate as i thought. none of my comments posted! oh well, loving the blog mom!!