Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5: TR National Park to Billings, Montana

Wow- a day where we didnt hit the road until 4 pm--too busy enjoying the rugged beauty of the TR badlands and the highlight of the trip so far:
Peaceful Valley Ranch horseback riding.

I rode Little Joe (or did he ride me?), Gary on Commander, Eric on Dude (of course) and Scott on Dan ( who, shared Scott's propensity for constant grazing). There were 11 people in our group and the guide immediately sized us up and chose me to be on the lead horse right behind the guide. Yes, I was identified as the weakest link, despite the fact there was a 10 year old girl among us.

Do you think a guided trail ride is like Pittman's ponies at the Valley picnic? Well, you're wrong--it's hard work and these horses have their own ideas. They knew how to go, but you had to rein them in or they would constantly stop, dip down their heads and set you off balance, while they grazed on the grass. It was a struggle! Don;t want to sound mean, but at the end of the ride, here was my quote:
"that little girl was crying? I;m glad because I felt like it, too!" haha

Actually, it was very cool. I tried to be "one" with my horse and imagine myself in a Western movie. We went uphill, over streams, perilously close to the edge of a cliff and of course, through lots of tasty fields of sweet grass. Head up there, little Joe.

I had trouble getting off the horse, but knelt down and kissed the ground and said Thank you Jesus.

Off to Wyoming today. Good omen for me so far:
Oatmeal for breakfast. Yay! with brown sugar and raspberries.
Bad omen for Gary: put the biscuit gravy in the waffle maker!


  1. I knew a woman and a little boy who used to scurry out of a checker at the end of a ride and They would also kiss the ground

  2. Howdy Partners, I must have missed a day on the trip. Glad to hear TR's place was great and the horse ride went well. Are you listenig to country music or have a chance to join in the line dancing at night? I tried talking to a lady from NJ and she said "Get Lost, old man!"

  3. Gravy in the waffle maker? I could see making that mistake. :)