Monday, August 9, 2010

Cold feet?

I woke up today with a severe case of the pre-trip jitters. The headlines didn't help:

Yikes! What are we getting ourselves into?

I spent the weekend at the shore, pouring over maps and checking our itinerary. Gary's comment: "You can stare at Michigan as long as you want, but it's not going to get any smaller."

Ha! Easy for him to be glib, when he will be flying over the midwest to join us in Minneapolis and will miss the excitement of Day 2--- a  10-12 hour day starting in Ohio and proceeding north, covering  the length of Michigan and miles of blueberry fields and lakes.  Good thing Gary's the eternal optimist because he'll be with us for North Dakota --another state that just doesn't get any smaller staring at it.

The car is ready!  Three different mechanics proclaimed it trip worthy. The Toyota Dealer had the longest list of recommendations, which, if followed, would have meant rebuilding the entire engine. So we gave more weight to Occhi's gas station ("You're good for another 100k miles") and Wyckoff Tire ("no worries").  As several friends pointed out:  "You do have AAA." I just hope we dont have to test out its service on the loneliest road in the US (Rt 50- Nevada) or the endless plains of ND.

I re-confirmed our stay at the 1890 House of Luddington in Escanabe, Michigan and the friendly voice on the other end of the line buoyed my spirits. On to packing and final lists, and I find myself dispelling doubts and revving up the excitement meter again. 

Eric takes the red eye tonight! Scott wants to know when we get our berets emblazened with our names (a la Griswold Family). Maybe cowboy hats?

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