Monday, August 2, 2010

Genesis - the beginning

Not exactly a Biblical story, but an epic trip in the making nonetheless.
Eric:    Mom, what do you think about helping me drive cross country this summer?

Mom:  You do realize that I have to take a power nap when I drive from our house to the shore (75 minute ride)

Eric:    Maybe Scott could come too?

Brothers Then

Brothers Now

So here's the team in a picture from Beth's wedding.  They look happy here. Will they still be smiling on August 19?


  1. The Wyckoff Library has a lot of books on tape. I would take a lot of them, even if you don't use them all. They help pass the time.

  2. When I did this trip in 2005 with my daughter Megan, we listened to alot of David Sedaris ing across the U.S.. I can only suggest a side trip to Santa Fe to do some shopping....I did some serious damage there. Also, for some excitement you can stay overnight in Flagstaff AZ at the haunted hotel. It was on Unsolved Mysteries...we didn't know it until we got there. Very spooky. Travel safely and have fun !!! I would do it again in a heartbeat.