Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leaving the Atlantic coast

Eric was home for Beth's wedding in June and we visited our beloved Jersey shore, including historic, beleaguered Asbury Park. A.P. has been on the brink of renaissance for years and it actually looks promising today. Lots of upscale restaurants on the boardwalk and a mixture of locals and gentrifiers on the beach. Of course, the chain link fence and barbed wire surrounding the largest unfinished condo development gives one pause on the eventual success, but we're hopeful.

Eric actually wanted to drive from Wyckoff to Asbury Park before heading West so it's a true coast to coast adventure. He was voted down, as an extra 100+ miles at the beginning of the trip seemed unnecessary. We convinced him by saying there might not be time for James Garfield's house in Ohio. (how many people would be swayed by that incentive?)

Please forgive us for faking the start of the trip, but here it is:

Eric in Asbury Park, Convention Hall in the background.

Hats off to an awesome trip!

Wednesday morning departure set for Sunrise: 6:00AM.

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