Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2: Cleveland, Ohio to Escanabe, Michigan (Upper Peninsula)

Up at 6 am for the Hampton Inn breakfast (yay, they had a waffle maker!)

Ginny was the driver for most of the day. Go, Mom. We stopped at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the morning and then had a picnic lunch on Lake Huron –Saginaw Bay. Swam there and later in Lake Michigan under the Mackinac Bridge. Pastis for dinner (a local meat pie that harkens back to the Cornish miners in the 1800’s). A bit on the dry side, but we added McDonald’s ketchup—wonder if the miners added anything? Good day- loving the Upper Peninsula--they act like it's a different country (or at least a different state)

Quote of the day:
Eric:: “I’ll have a chocolate cone.”
Kid working at the stand and looking at the bins of ice cream: “which one do you think is the chocolate?”

The day before in Cleveland:
Eric:” I’ll have a chocolate cone.”
Kid: “we only have regular.”
Eric: “ok- one regular.” (aka vanilla)

Mileage: 608 miles

Hotel: House of Luddington—very cool suite, decorated like your Grandma’s house in the 70’s; 2 double beds, 2 couches (one looking suspiciously like Jimi Hendrix’s)
We’ll post pictures tomorrow when we have a better connection!


  1. Guess who lost internet at AH? I am at St. Joe's this morning. Glad to hear you are eating the local stuff and not just Big Mac's. Do you know there is the state of Wisconsin in between Mich and Minn? Was it better to swin at Saginaw or Machinaw, no one mentioned the blueberries, and how about those deer along the way> Keep up the pace with your eyes open. Chuck

  2. I have my internet back. I'll travel to the shore on Friday, so no internet. The horses are waiting in ND?

  3. I remember those signs in S. Wisconsin. Glad to hear you all are having a great time! ~Z