Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7: Pocatello, ID to Baker NV

Got an early start today and dropped Gary off at the SLC airport. Interesting billboards in Utah:
First one: "Commit a crime with a gun in Utah and you'll end up in federal prison in South Dakota."
And on the opposite side of the highway:
"Guns and ammo - next exit."

We arrived at Great Basin National Park in Baker, Nevada (pronounced Ne-vaaad-a; don't give us any of that Eastern fancy accents Ne vah da) at 2:30, so had time to do tour of Lehman Caves before checking in to the Silver Jack Motel and dinner.

The tour was great--ranger's name was Eric (good omen) and his delivery was similar to Arlo Guthrie singing Alice's restaurant. you had to laugh and our Eric gave him a B+--high praise from a tough critic.

We also caught our second ranger tour of the day in the evening campfire program on wild horses. Who knew you can buy a wild horse when the government has a round up and auction with a starting bid of $135. (Gary, we may just be bringing home a little present- ha)

The stars are supposed to be awesome here. You are far away from any light pollution because the 50 people living in Baker dont generate too much of a splash. Unfortunately, the moon was half full and brilliant, so it diminished some of the starshine. Eric and Scott got up at 3 am after the moon set and got a better view. (i stayed in bed!)

a 410 mile day, 7 hours driving, but lots of time doing fun stuff. Funny how we went from the most visited park (Yellowstone) to the least visited (Great Basin) and loved them both. they each have their charms.

ps: We miss Gary.

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