Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3 Escanabe, Michigan to Minneapolis 425 miles

Our most rural day so far. Into a new time zone--Central--so it was light here until after 9 pm. Intermittent rain and clouds, as we traveled the lonely roads up to Wisconsin North Country. It was a surreal feeling--towering pines on either side of the hilly road, stretching off into the fog.
We arrived at Little Bohemia Lodge, the scene of a famous shootout in 1934 with the FBI closing in on John Dellinger, who escaped out the window and through the back woods. The lodge is nestled on a lake; town is called Manitawash Waters, nice pine trees, set off down a long driveway. (Which gangster scouted out this location?--not exactly ideal for a gang on the run) There was a little "museum" upstairs, with 3 rooms preserved from the Hollywood shooting of the movie Public Enemy with Johnny Depp and the other 2 rooms with artifacts and newspaper clippings.
Breakfast was excellent. "Our first decent meal" says Scott.

Afternoon was a long drive along Rt8--not too touristy, just meandered through farm, woods and small towns. We had to search for a cheese place, unlike Southern Wisconsin where the signs scream cheese. Eric did find a bottle of white wine with a cheesehead top-clearly a collector's item.

Eric and I did most of the driving, but Scott finally took the wheel for the final push into Minneapolis. Arrived around 6pm, in time for a meal at the Mall of America (Yes, everything you've always hated about America--fast food, fat people, tons of stores and rides). Gary arrived on time and we presented him with his team shirt.

Quote of the day:
Eric: "I must be getting old because I dont remember being this tired when I drove cross country 4 years ago."

Off to North Dakota...Eric still obsessing about missing the largest cross in America in Michigan, so today we are looking for the largest bison statue in America....


  1. Wow, what a great blog. It sounds like a really great trip. Maybe we can convince my mom to move to CA, then we can pack up her things, drive her across country, and have a fun journey like you guys.

  2. Shirts? I didn't know there was a team shirt too. I went to Brick for the weekend. Very quite, I was very glad to hear you are not eating the fast foods. Try the local stuff. If a cowboy and cowgirl like it, it must be really good. And are you stopping for the local beers?

    Keep on trackin'